How to plan a Solo Trip

How to plan a Solo Trip?

Have you been thinking about doing a solo trip but don’t know where to start?

Is it safe to travel alone?

How to prepare for a solo trip?

I have been on solo trips on and off for a few years and my first destination was to visit NYC for a month without knowing anybody. In this blog, I’ll show you how to plan a solo trip step by step.

Figure out your budget

Before you start with anything, figure out your budget is the #1 thing to do. It determines your destination and the length of your trip. Have a big general direction, either travel in the country (which I recommend for first time solo trip) or aboard. There are more things to think about culturally when traveling to another country, such as exchanging currency and languages etc. Remember, every little step counts into your budget. Make a little extra room for alternation. If you’re traveling on a budget, choosing hostels would be a good idea to save money and meet people on the road! 

Saving budget websites:

Hostelworld (hostels)

Hopper Skyscanner (flights, hotels, and cars)

GasBuddy (Gas)

Make a list 

After you figure out your budget, make a list of things and places you want to visit. To be honest, the biggest things to think about are food, transportation and a place to sleep. Everything else goes with the flow and to see what the world has to offer! Have a copy of the address where you’re staying and going on your phone, but also print it out just in case your phone has no batteries. 

Make a list on Notion

Plan your trip 

After you make a list of things and places you want to visit, you can start to plan your trip and sort everything together to make the most efficient route. Don’t make the schedule really tied where there’s no space for alternation (You never know what might happen). Make reservations for your big events ahead. Have priorities on things that you really want to do and plan other things around it. Go over your plan from beginning to the end to see if everything makes sense. 

Do research

Before you go, do as much research as you can about the destination you’re visiting. Does your bank work locally? How much cash do you need? Are there any useful Apps for your trip? Any events or festivals during the time you’re visiting? Now the internet is full of content and videos people share about their experiences. Some most famous destinations might not seem as dreamy as they show on social media. Watch more videos to get more accurate information rather than the pretty advertising pictures. Understanding the background and history of your destination will make your trip very exciting! 

Before you go

Before you’re finally ready to take off, check any bills that need to be paid during the time that you’re gone. Email a copy of your itinerary to a friend or family so they can make sure that you’re safe! 


Last but not least… ENJOY your first solo trip! You’re making a big step in your life to become more independent. If you like to be surrounded by people, going on a solo trip can make you feel a little lonely sometimes, but trust me, the excitement of not having a clue what might be going to happen and getting out of your comfort zone will give you an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience! You’ll be surprised how much you might not know yourself and will discover it little by little during your solo trip!

Final thoughts

I hope you find this blog helpful to get you started on your solo trip. It’s definitely not as scary as it seems, you just have to make the first jump! If you have more tips to share about planning a solo trip, please feel free to comment below so we can all learn from each other!

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Happy Adventure Soul 🙂

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